The shirt off my back

Randomly gifted with a fairly nice, black, Nike dri-fit golf shirt from Dell at work the other day, I decided to wear it this morning.

It’s an XL, which, admittedly, I’m not. However, the contrast between the fit of an XL and my more habitual Ls (with a couple of Ms) has got me thinking about the concept of vanity sizing for guys.

Yes, part of my goal when I started lifting was to outgrow my Medium polo shirts, at least through the arms, shoulders, and upper back (there’s nothing to be done about length; no lift I’ve found will actually make me any taller, dagnabbit). That’s on the forseeable horizon, and not just because of my penchant for washing my laundry in warm or hot water (cotton shrinks; this dry-weave/dri-fit/wicking stuff is fucking amazingly resilient to that sort of stupidity). So, it’s not surprising that I’m most comfortable in shirts with an L on the tag.

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I have a problem.

Specifically, I have a problem with the way figure athletes are photographed entirely too frequently. These are women who bust their ass in the gym, on the track, or wherever, and turn their bodies into works of functional art.

I understand that doing conventional modeling shoots – swimsuits or club clothes and what have you – are a look that, regardless of the model being photographed, is fairly consistent.

However, fitness models and figure athletes also end up doing shoots and sets that are set in workout facilities, allowing them to showcase that aspect.

… and almost without fail, whoever is coordinating these events comprehensively fucks the dog.

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Valeria revisited


Her. Not the one up there.


Scaled to my weight (170-175#), the “Good” weights are like so:

Bench Press: 135

Pullups: 175 (with weight belt)

Deadlift: 245

EZ Curl: 65

Time (4/18/10): 7:13

Time (2/24/11): 5:06 No wonder it felt so much fucking harder this time – I did the deadlifts before the pullups by accident.

Video of this idiocy behind the cut.

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Squats need work

Smart answers to obvious questions

A reader asks:

“So, Sensei, what is the BEST way to burn fat when exercising?”

“Work hard.”


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Ratchet and Clank

Sawtooth wave

Image via Wikipedia

So, paying attention to my own advice, after running up to and against my probable maxes in October, recalibration occurred and the next iteration of the upward-trending sawtooth wave pattern has commenced. Relative to the last reset (July 10), here’s how things stacked up:

Bench Press: 1RM: 240 (+15), new 1st wave max: 165

Overhead Press: 1RM 135 (-15), new 1st wave max: 85

Squat: 1RM 325 (+60), new 1st wave max: 225

Deadlift: 1RM 425 (+20), new 1st wave max: 275

Of course, losing the better part of two months to the broken hand and subsequent plague really hampered everything but the squat (since it doesn’t rely on grasping the bar, it could still be done with relative aplomb). The P&V page has been summarily updated.

Weekend Workouts

15/9/3: Overhead Press (Friday) | Deadlifts (Sunday)

It’s also “weigh and measure weekend,” though I don’t know if I’ll snap some progress pictures to share or not. Feeling a little squidgy after entirely too much coffee and some much-needed beer.

OHP Friday frankly kind of sucked.  Deadlifting on Sunday went better.

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