I’ve been misled, and promulgated that bad information to all of you.

To say I’m disgusted and disappointed would be to wildly understate the case, but, short of puking on my keyboard and somehow transferring that to the screen, it’s going to have to suffice.

80% of the weight-lifted figures that have appeared in my various workout logs have been completely fucking wrong, exaggerated by a factor of nearly 2. Every lift on the Precor cable machine at my office gym, with a numbered weight stack on each side, was incorrectly interpreted to be “The weight depicted on each stack is for that stack.” This is not the case. Those figures are for both stacks, combined.

As a test, I hung my 36# kettlebell from the bare cable and added weight plates to the stack until it stopped dragging them upwards. It pretty much balanced at the “70lb” level.

I’m not going to go back through all the archives to un-fuck all the bad data, because I don’t have that kind of patience or attention to detail. I’m also not going to use that fucking machine for anything but pull-ups. Don’t fucking lie to me, even if you’re an inanimate object. I’ll be doing kettlbell and bodyweight lifts (and roadwork) exclusively for a while, because I can trust those.

This was exactly the kick in the nuts I wanted to discover to cap off what’s been a lousy fucking week at the gym, I can tell you.


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