[WotD] Thursday, January 8

Zero Motivation would have been an improvement over how I felt yesterday…

5x Pullups w/ 54# KB
2×10 2-Hand KB Swing (54#)
5x Parallel-grip pullups w/ 54# KB
5x Dips w/ 54# KB
5x Pullups w/ 36# KB
5x Dips w/ 36# KB
2×5 Pullups (unweighted)
2×10 Leg Press (240#, 300# (note: done on machine, values may not be 100% trustworthy)
2x 1 minute Plank hold
2x 30 second lateral Plank hold (each side)
2×15 Leg Raises

2x Active Supine Quad (Biceps Femoris / Hip Complex) stretch [this engendered some very neat hip-joint relocation sensations for me, and reinforced the fact that I need to stretch my pelvic girdle a lot more than I have been of late]
2x 1 minute Boat Pose
2x 1 minute Child Pose
2×20 Glute Bridge Raise

Pushup/Squat 10/1 Swap Combo (this has become my favorite “Inflict on new-to-working-out people” regimen, due to simplicity, lack of equipment needed, and do-at-your-own-pace flexibility)
Set 1: 10 push-ups + 1 bodyweight squat
Set 2: 9 push-ups + 2 squats
Set 10: 1 push-up + 10 squats
Total: 55 reps of each, but broken up into non-threatening chunks



  1. The problem with the pushup/squat combo is us people who say ‘bring it on’ and then set our own pace at ummm….’rapid’. Can be nicely intense when you move along at a good clip. Still having fun with the Russian wipes too. Not sure why I like that one so much. :) Would I be a geek if I said I start counting in my head in Russian while doing them?

  2. No, you’d be a geek if you counted in Klingon… or binary… ;-)

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