10 Rep Max (with shenanigans)

Xany and I hit his gym for the promised shenanigans to determine our respective 10 rep max for a collection of basic lifts. Given my current lack of certitude as to my true capacities (see “Lies,” below), I went in with a little bit of trepidation, but determined not to embarrass myself too badly (well, moreso than usual – things got off on the right foot when I was making smalltalk with the girl at the registration desk, and good-naturedly lambasted one of her favorite heavy metal bands.  Her fault for being cute and having questionable taste…. ;-) ).

  • Bench Press (Olympic bar): 155#
  • Squats (Smith machine): 335#
  • Deadlift (Olympic bar): 225#
  • Leg Press (Hammer Strength machine): 675#

All in all, I’m not entirely unhappy, but not remotely satisfied.  I’d like to see, say, 50% gains in the first three figures (call it  250/500/350) later this year — ambitious, but not unreasonable (I hope).

As Xany mentioned on his page, the limiting factor for our Deadlifts was our grip — even at the end of a lot of weight lifted, we both had plenty going on to get the bar off the ground and locked out, but neither of us could keep it in our hands.  I’m not the 100% purist he is, but even with gloves on, my fingers weren’t up to the task by that point.  Rats.  

Next time….


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