[WotD] Tuesday, January 13

Lunchtime Only:
– 10/1 Pushup & Squat swap combo (10 + 1, 9 + 2 … 1 + 10)
I was playing group leader for two coworkers on this one; it wasn’t originally part of what I was going to do.

Followed by:
25 reps of three moves, performed as quickly as possible, using a 5-10 rep max weight (or reasonable approximation)
– Pull-ups (12 reps, breather, 13 reps)
– Bench Press (2×5 @ 160#, then I hit the wall, followed by 2×5 @ 140# and 1×5 @ 130#)
– Snatch-grip Deadlift (2×10 + 1×5 @ 160#); was pressed for time (need to cool-down before returning to my cube), so I didn’t do my extra weight hack of hanging my KB’s on the bar to exceed what the cable machine can provide.


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