[WotD] Friday, January 16

Lightly modified version of Gym Jones’ workout from yesterday, along with a lunchtime session.

2×20 Narrow seated cable rows (75#)
11/1 Pushup & Squat splits

After Hours (this is the GJ stuff):
Part 1: 6-Way BB Complex:
6x each of Snatch, Overhead Squat, Back Squat, Good Morning, Bent-over Row, Deadlift, Pull-up
2 sets @ 80#, 1 set @ 100#, rest as needed between sets, move non-stop within sets (rest periods were determined by how fast the other two guys would complete their complex)

Part 2: Legs
6x Lunge (first 2 with 30# in hand, last 4 with 72#)
6x Weighted Step-up/Hop @ 2x 36# KBs on 8” step (3 each leg)
6 sets

Part 3: Arms
Pull-up & Dip – 10/1 splits, starting with Pull-ups


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