[WotD] Thursday, January 22

– 2×10 Pull-Ups
– 2×10 Bulgarian Split Squats (bodyweight)
– 1×10 Bench Press (130#)
– Misc. Stretching

After Work:
– 10 min elliptical (warmup, interval program, 7-9 mets)
– EDT – Parallel-grip Pull-ups / Dips – 76 each @ 167# = 25,384 volume
– Leg Press 1×5 240#, 1×5 300#, 1×10 400# (Precor Icarian – this move is more like a Smith machine squat than the Hammer Strength leg press, in that your feet push on a stationary platform and your body moves)
– 15 min elliptical (interval, 7-9 mets)

I’d intended to do a full 45 minutes on the elliptical after the lifting, but had an unexpected dose of Fukitol, and it was my anniversary with The Kimachu (nine years, for anyone besides us who’s counting).


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