[WotD] Thursday, January 29

Ahh, those days when you’re senile, and leave the house without not only your drink shaker, but your goddamned shorts, too. In news of the personally-amusing sort, my working out in jeans and a black sleeveless microfiber shirt got me “You look like you should be in GQ” remarks, apparently without irony, from a coworker.

“No,” I replied, “Guys in GQ have much better hair.”

– 1×15 Seated Military Press (2×36# KB)
– 3×15 Inclined Bench Press (2×36# KB, ratcheting the bench down one notch for each set; this was a continuing progression from the seated MP, above)
– 2×15 Seated Rear Shrugs (2×36# KB)
– 1×12 Pullups
– 1×20 Calf Raises (2×65# DB)

After Hours:
– 2×10 Standing Shrug (2×65# DB)
– 2×10 Seated Military Press (2×50# DB)
– 2×10 Incline Bench Press (2×50# DB)
– 1×10 (each arm) Decline Bench Press (54# KB)
– 2×12 Pullups (one wide forward grip, one narrow reverse grip)
– 2×15 Figure 8’s (54# KB)
– 2×5 Overhead Squat + Hop (2×36# KB)
– 10 minutes elliptical, 8-9 mets, variable resistance


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  1. […] motivation and early-morning rushing around, I did what one coworker colloquially terms a “GQ Workout” – a compression-style workout shirt, and jeans. I am a stylin’ […]

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