The Socrates of Fitness

There’s an apocryphal story that one of the big-name Greek philosophers was nicknamed “Beta,” because he was second-best in the world at everything (I am utterly failing at google-fu to find references to support or refute this, though I’m leaning towards it having been applied to Socrates hizzownself; I wish I could remember in which book I read this anecdote).

That, more or less, is what I’m after (other than the whole “not being embarrassed to see the outcome of being caught unawares with my shirt off by somebody with a camera” thing). I don’t need to be the strongest or the fastest.

I simply want to be faster than anyone who is stronger than I am, and stronger than anyone who is faster than I am. And I want the population of folks who are either stronger or faster than I am to keep decreasing.


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