[WotD] Thursday, February 5

It was very hard to be self-motivated today; a friend of mine bribed me to go with the promise of pickle-centric recipes once I got done.

– 20x Chinups
– 28 min elliptical (4 min on / 4 min off, “fat burn” program; 8.5 mets working, 6.5 resting)
– 10x Seated Military Press (2×50# DB)
– 2×10 Pullups
– 10 min elliptical (2 min on / 2 min off, “circuit” program)
– 2×10 Lawnmower (54# KB)
– Various shoulder and leg stretches, weighted splits, etc


1 Comment

  1. Sounds pretty motivated to me- moreso then having a swiss cheese omelet and wine for lunch ;)

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