Mmmm, Plague.

Hello, unexpected radio silence. This was not due to being spectacularly wrong about Socrates (as was pointed out by two friends, the guy I was thinking of is Eratosthenes, and the place I now remember reading about him was in Cosmos (we love us some Carl Sagan)).

It’s not that I haven’t been working out… well, yeah, that’s most of it. Sunday, I hit Home Despot to snag the aforementioned sledgehammer over the weekend, and took a fifteen minute go-round with it on Sunday; it shows promise, though.

Monday, started to feel badly (achy, scratchy, stuffy – those of you who’ve encountered this year’s iteration of the flu know what I’m talking about), but decided a light workout wouldn’t be altogether out of the question. 30 minutes on the elliptical, and I was shot. Did some shoulder & posterior chain lifts, primarily as stretching, because I’m presenting with persistent joint aches as one of my symptoms, and I thought that stretching would help.

Uh, wrong answer.

Subsequently, NyQuil and unconsciousness and two days off work (I would be hard-pressed to say when the last time I took two consecutive sick days was, other than instances of food poisoning; probably something like ten years ago).

The silver lining, such as it is, is that I’m under 160# for the first time in ages (my goal is to be in the low to mid 150’s for the race, then cut down to 5-8% body fat, and then begin to bulk back up). I can’t say I recommend this program of weight loss; all I’ve eaten (in addition to drinking a lot of water) is some canned fruit, canned soup, and a pint of ice cream – and that’s just do I don’t self-cannibalize due to protein catabolism too badly.


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  1. Sounds hellish. May you be promoted to a better circle of hell soon.

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