[WotD] Tuesday, February 17

Back from the plague ward, and also a family visit.

Sunday the 15th doesn’t qualify as a workout, but, since I was showing my brother-in-law some of the stuff he can do with his 1 pood KB:
– 2×10 Clean & Press
– 2×5 Snatch
– 1×15 2H Swing
– 2×1 RTW
– 2×1 Halo
– 1×5 Goblet Squat
– 2×3 KB Side Bends

So, today was really my first day back at the gym after getting summarily laid out by the creeping crap. Lunch was more for proof-of-concept (ie: “Am I going to hack up a lung if I get my respiration up with the 54# KB?”)

– 2×5 Pullups
– 2×5 Chinups
– 2×10 2H Swings
– 2×10 Lawnmower
– 2×10 Clean
– 2×5 Shoulder Press
– 2×10 Bent-Over Row
– 1×10 Voyer Shrugs (2×75#)
– 1×5 Lean-Back Cable Row (2×75#); held my body at 45 degrees, cables began at waist height, and I pulled them up to my shoulders

After Hours:
– 2×5 Pullup (5-count negatives)
– 2×5 Chinup (5-count negatives)
– 30 minutes elliptical (2 min intervals, 7.5/10 mets)
– 2×5 Overhead Press (75#)
– 2×10 1H KB Swings (36#), alternating hands at the top of the swing, to demonstrate something a coworker had seen in a movie and thought was theatrical flourish
– 10x Pullup
– 10x Chinup
– 10x Bent-Over Row
– 1×3 Pullup (10-count negatives)
– 1×3 Chinup (10-count negatives)
– 1×1 Overload Curl (2×50#, which is more weight than I can curl, get it up with a swing assist, then lower it as slowly as possible; for me, this was about a five count)

Readers with a keen eye will notice a lot of eccentrics in today’s session; that was brought on by a conflation of two things – Christian Thibodeaux’s column at T-Nation today (specifically, section 4) remarking on eccentrics being the key to hypertrophy, and a coworker expressing a desire to get his arms more developed (he’s having a lot of success in the chest/back departments).

Speaking of, my coworkers are almost all leg-averse, even when I tell the guy who’s trying to put on weight that leg building is the shortest route to higher numbers on the scale…. he’ll listen eventually. Today was his happy moment of finally weighing more than I do. Which is fine, really – I want to drop another ten pounds and get cut, and then bulk up while maintaining the lean body fat number.


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