[WotD] Monday, February 23 (Part I)

– 25x Pullups (8, 9, 8)
– 10x Chinups
– 2×20 Pike Pushups (like a pushup, but bent at the waist with your ass in the air, bringing your face towards the floor – recruits the trapezius and deltoids and the upper portion of the pectorals)
– 10x 2H KB Hang Clean (54#)
– 10x Knees to Elbows

The Pike Pushups were a new-to-me move, since I’ve noticed that my recent light regimen has me losing size in my upper chest/shoulders, and it seemed like a good way to work on that, as well as general shoulder mobility & flexibility.

Look for a bit more consistent structure in the next few weeks, as I undertake a modified version of T-Nation’s “Velocity Diet,” which has very specific prescriptions as far as both nutrition and exertion are concerned. Normally, I’m very haphazard, catch-as-catch-can kind of guy, doing the pseudo-holistic “I feel like working on ______ today” thing. It’s borne a fair amount of fruit; the current push is to see if I can break out of my current holding pattern/plateau, and also kick-start some muscle growth in the wake of the cardio/endurance phase training for the race this Saturday has engendered.

And, because it amuses me when such things coincide, my horoscope for today, courtesy of Yahoo!

Could you use some motivation right now? Looking for someone to light a fire under you? Then go out and seek some stimulation today — you’re sure to find a qualified mentor, or at least someone who has reached the goal that you want to reach. They can help you get there, too, if you ask them the right questions and show them that you are ready for the work that this goal requires. Be adaptable and ready to do whatever they tell you. Now is not the time to be picky or lazy.


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