[WotD] Wednesday, February 25th (Part I)

So, first day of my modified (“bastardized”) version of T-Nation’s Velocity Diet regimen is coming along decently, but not without some minor speed bumps. The protein shakes w/ extra stuff mixed in are fine, and not really any change from my usual office grazing (if anything, having one every three hours makes it easier to avoid snagging some Jalapeno Cheetos from the vending machine).

First and foremost, doing squats on a cable machine just flat fucking sucks. I’m going to hack this by using dumbbells held at shoulder height, unless I can think of something better. Suggestions are welcome, but I don’t have convenient access to an Olympic bar or plates.

Day 1 – Total Reps per move = 20 – Load = “Heavy” (4-5 RM)

– Front Squat – 120# – 6/7/7
– Chin-ups (underhand grip) – 54# KB on belt – 7/5/4/4
– DB Bench Press – 2×50# – 15/10 [1]
– Ab-Wheel Rollout [2] – 5/5/5/5

Also, my boss brought in his “Perfect Pushup” handles, so the three of us have been knocking out sets of 20 every so often during lulls in the workday. I think I’ve done three so far.

[1] Obviously, I’ll need to up the weight here; unfortunately, the only bigger DBs at the office are 65#, which is probably the right weight for me on this load level; it’s just awkward to try and do without a spotter.

[2] Lacking an ab wheel, I did hand walkouts, which are their own flavor of hell.

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