Progress Report

So, in the interest of, in all likelihood, justifying what they cost and cover, my health insurance through work is doing health screenings for folks who use it (there’s a carrot in the form of some gift certificates and whatnot). Being a stat-head, the chance to get a glimpse under the hood at stuff I can’t normally track was enough incentive for me, anyways.

First, the “bad” news:
– BMI is still a flawed and nigh unto useless metric for anyone who lifts weights. The fact that we’re weighed while fully clothed in work attire doesn’t help, either, so I get flagged as being overweight (25.2, bite me).
– Immediately after that measure, so I’m nicely annoyed, they take our blood pressure. In the middle of the workday. Gee, I wonder who’s going to look slightly elevated (130/82)? Considering that I routinely clock in around 114/60, I’m not going to give a damn.
– Hand-held resistance-based body fat calculators never show me any love. 17.8%, my ass.

Then, the interesting stuff, which requires blood and electronics to which I do not normally have access, and my little gold fucking star.

The good news:
– Glucose, 98 mg/dL (I wasn’t fasting, having had my usual protein shake for breakfast)
– Total Cholesterol, 118 mg/dL. Hot damn, that’s down twenty points.
– HDL Cholesterol, 54 mg/dL (recommended to be above 40, so I’m feeling good)
– TC/HDL ratio, 2.2 (ideal is anything under 4.5, so I totally owned in this regard)


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