[WotD] Friday, March 6 (Part I)


Velocity Diet Workout #6 – Total Reps per move = 40 – Load = “Intermediate” (8-9 RM) – 40sec rest between sets

– Step-Up (18″ step) – 2×36# KB – 15/10/8/7
– Bent-Over Row – 110# Barbell (cable) – 10/10/10/10
– Push Press – 2×36# KB – 13/10/10/7
– Barbell Curl – 70# (cable machine) – 8/8/5/9*/5*/5 (tried at 80# first, managed 3 reps, and recognized that lunchtime is a finite resource)
– Reverse Crunch (on floor) – 20/20

* Upon realizing how completely blown out my biceps were getting, I interspersed the reverse crunches in the proscribed breaks before each of the starred sets, which did extend the breaks slightly, and also in the interest of the aforementioned time crunch. Not enough to qualify as circuit work, to be sure.

Time: 25:35 / 281 calories (not sure that’s germane, but why the hell not track it?)


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