[WotD] Tuesday, March 11

Today was the second “V-Burn Challenge” workout of the VD regimen, so we can see what sort of progress has been made in the first week.

Considering the fact that this weekend was spent doing a lot of social grazing, not enough sleeping, and a bit of walking, rather than anything remotely fit… the only good behavior I displayed was in regard to beverage choices, since I managed to steer clear of all alcohol, and stuck to coffee, water, and unsweetened iced tea (except for one glass of Kool-Aid). I did not have high hopes going in.

“V-Burn Challenge” #2 – Velocity Diet Workout #8 – 6 sets of 10 reps, done for time

– Jump Squat
– Hand Walkout (from knees)
– Single-Leg Deadlift (arms out to sides, idle leg back; 10 per leg per set)
– Push-Up w/ Clap
– Jumping Jacks
– Reverse Lunge w/ Twist (towards forward leg)
– Pike Push-Up
– Squat Thrust

So, 6×10×8 gives 480 total reps (well, 500, if you count both sets of 10 single-leg moves separately), no breaks.

Today’s time was 22:22, an improvement of 3:23 over last week‘s 25:45


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