[WotD] Thursday, March 12 (Part I)

Straight from T-Nat’s stuff from earlier this week….


The Infamous Delt Triad

3×12 of each move, one set of each forming a single superset.

– Lateral Raise
– Front Raise
– Overhead Press

Rest about 90 seconds between each superset.

Then, I did 2×12 wide-grip Pull-ups.

Alternative title: “Instant Humility.” I started out with a pair of 15# dumbbells, and after the first set of lateral raises, realized my folly, and dropped down to 12#’s for the remainder of the first set, and all of the second. By the time I reached the third set, my shoulders were mewling audibly (no mean feat for body parts without airways or vocal chords), so I did the last set with the pretty purple 10#’s, and was still shaking badly getting the last two reps up.

Yes, for everyone who thinks I’m some kind of badass, I got stomped by the little weights today. Reality check, please!

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