[WotD] Friday, March 13

After Hours:

Velocity Diet Workout #10
Total Reps per move = 40
Load = “Intermediate” (8-9 RM)
35 sec rest between sets

Step-Up (18″) – 2×50# DB – 10/10/7/7/6*
– Bent-Over Row – 2×50# DB – 10/10/10/10
– Push Press – 2×40# DB – 10/10/6/5/5/4
– Barbell Curl (EZ Bar on cable machine) – 73# (65# + bar) – 10/10/5/5/4/6
– Reverse Crunch (on decline bench) – 25/15 (not sure how to make this harder, other than do more of ’em)

Total time: 33:35
Calories: 348

Followed by:
– Assorted yoga (boat, tree, half moon, warrior 1, plank hold, something involving putting my feet over my head, and a two-handed frog pose)
– 1×12 Delt Triad @ 15#, mostly for the amusement of a coworker, who was shocked at how difficult I found it to be. So I made him do three sets.

* My step-ups were hampered by my grip. In previous iterations, I’d held the KBs racked at my shoulders; with the change in weight, I decided to hold the DBs by my hips, and my left hand especially had a hard time with this. I may incorporate a weight belt for future sessions.

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