[WotD] Tuesday, March 24 (Part I)

That’s right, we all suck compared to a bat smaller than a coffee cup.

Will resume the Velocity Diet regimen tomorrow, further date-shifting it. Today is a continuation of the “heavy lifting” motif from yesterday’s second session, this time incorporating items from two recent T-Nat articles – one for developing a broad taper, one focusing on the new-to-me (I warned folks I’m still a noob) notion of German Volume Training (GVT). In short, lots of reps to try and bulk up, with a focus on my back and shoulders somewhat more than elsewhere.


– Bench Press – 120# – 10/10/10/10/9/8/6/6/6/6 = 81 total reps (GVT; 60 sec break between sets)
– Wide-Grip Pullups – 10/10/8 (60 sec break between sets)



  1. Well that makes me feel like a punk for my hardcore slacking. I will make a most honorable effort to keep up with the Buffalo Bill of work outs.

    • Wait… you look kind of familiar. Have I seen you at the gym before?

      • Possibly, but its been almost two weeks. lol. I’m trying to keep my body guessing on when the punishment will continue so I don’t hit a plateau.

        • Plateau implies continued effort without continued results. I don’t think it’s correctly applied in the context of your having hit a plateau on your couch, unless it’s playing with your Xbox and not getting past a certain level in Tetris.

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