[WotD] Tuesday, March 24 (Part II)

More on the theme of “heavy lifting and hopeful hypertrophy.”

After Hours:

– Decline Bench Leg Raises – 5×20 – 30sec rest
– Warrior I – 30sec each side (something in the back of my right knee wasn’t happy after the leg raises)
– Scapula Pushups (arms remain straight, all motion comes from moving the shoulders fore and aft (and together at the bottom of the move) – 5×15 – 45sec rest
– Machine Leg Press (tried to get to full squat depth) – 240# – 2×10 – 60sec rest
Delt Triad – 15# – 3×10 – 60sec rest (my form was, shall we say, “shot to shit” at the tail end of the overhead presses on sets 2 & 3)
– Pushups – 10×10 – 60sec rest for sets 1-6, 30sec rest for sets 7-10 (I wanted to torture the coworkers who suggested doing these, since they didn’t see what I’d done for lunch)
– Renegade Rows – 2×65# – 10x

Back to the proscribed VD workouts tomorrow. It felt good to lift relatively heavy, though, and there may be impetus to try and work on further development (in addition to the usual) coming down the pike, but we’ll see.


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