[WotD] Wednesday, March 25 (Part II)

After Hours:

– 5x Behind-the-Head (BTH) Pull-Ups
– Deadlifts – 215# (150# + ~10# bar + 54# Kettlebell) – 10×10 (GVT) – 60sec recovery between sets (coworker-type guy (CTG) (see comments, here), came along for the ride at 135# (70+bar+KB) and managed 88/100 reps (sets 6-8 were done as 5/7/6); not a bad showing)
– 5x Behind-the-Head (BTH) Pull-Ups
– 45 minutes of 3-on-3 basketball
– 5x Behind-the-Head (BTH) Pull-Ups
– 5x Underhand Pull-Ups
– 5x Wide-Grip Pull-Ups

So, I guess my next GVT session for the deadlifts will need to be done with more weight — I’m guessing that I’ll just jump up to putting 72# on the bar (both 36# KBs) and see how that goes. The Pull-Up shenanigans at the end were due to CTG mentioning Mr. Statham and The Transporter.



  1. My lower back and forearms are ready to fire me. lol. I may have to make it an off day today with the soreness. GVT really takes a toll. I will max out 135 next time, I know I can.

    • Not unreasonable. My back is a little tight, but that’s about all.

  2. […] [WotD] Wednesday, March 25 (Part II) […]

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