Not Much of a Workout

Today, the body said, “Sit down and shut up.”

Amazingly enough, I listened. Nothing on tap for the VD, some lingering soreness from yesterday.


– Dozed in the office cafeteria (35 min)
– Read Altered Carbon (2 chapters)

Oh yeah, really tore it up at lunchtime, I tell ya….

After Hours:

– Calf Raises (220#) – 3×15 (1×15 neutral, adducted, abducted)
– Machine Leg Press (220#) – 2×5
– Pull-Ups – 2×10
– Farmer’s Walk (2×36# kettlebell) – 30m regular, 2x30m overhead
– Dumbbell Curls (2×30#) – 2×10
– Boat Pose – 2×30 sec
– Declined Leg Raises – 2×20
– Floor Leg Hold & Spread (lie on floor, lift feet 6″, hold for a five count, spread legs, hold for another five, together, hold for five, then relax for five) – 4 sets
– Bench Tricep Dips – 2×10
– Lateral/Oblique Cable Hold (50#) – 3x10sec (each side), 2×5 twists
– Side Plank – 30sec each side

This was a classic case of, “I want to be here, but don’t feel like doing much, and don’t know what to do, so I’ll just kind of dick around and take it easy,” which is a sure sign of the body saying, “Dude, just take the fucking day off.”


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