[WotD] Friday, March 27 (Part II)

Simple workout this evening, since it’s Friday, and lunchtime was moderately arduous.

After Hours:

– Back Squat – 10×10* – 6 sets @ 100#, 2 sets @ 120#, 2 sets @ 160# (PR) – Pairs of sets were done holding the weight on my shoulders between sets, because doing squats in the cable machine kinda sucks, and wiggling under the bar is a pain in the ass
– 10 minutes elliptical – 2 min intervals – 7 / 9 mets

* Obviously, I needed to start off heavier, but this was more a calibration attempt than anything, and equipment limitations are going to make this tricky. Anyone have recommendations for alternatives in the absence of an Olympic bar and plates? Is a leg press machine a viable substitute (I would think not; even though it works the legs in a similar range of motion, it hardly engages the core and shoulders and whatnot, which defeats a good chunk of the purpose for full-body development).



  1. Back is full recovered as of Sunday, chief. As for the machine being “limiting” (for those of us lucky enough to call it so), all I have to say is weight belt and kettle bells. Strap it around the bar and have at it unless you want to focus on legs, then in that case around the waist.

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