[This had initially been a reply to CTG’s comment here, but kind of evolved into something more comprehensive.]

I’m going to take the squatting advice of a couple of other folks who lift, especially in light of the discomfort in the region of the vertebrae upon which the bar was resting (160# pressing against the ones that protrude at the cervical/thoracic junction = ouch), and do weighted single-leg squats and/or Pistols.

Time to re-calibrate my expectations:

– Back squat = X x 10 @ 160# + bodyweight
– Single-leg squat = X x 10 @ ??# + bodyweight

(bodyweight = ~165#)

As far as the deadlifts go (and they’re on the menu for today’s VD session), there’s only so much extra weight, in the form of kettlebells, one can strap to the bar before it just gets ludicrously jury-rigged — 160# + 2×36#KB + 54#KB = ~285# — the only way to go up from there is to add the weight belt with dumbbells, which only adds to the load on the legs, not the upper body. In the short term, due to my grip limitations, this will be fine. Longer-term, I’ll need to address it some way or another.

As far as things to bitch about, this is relatively far down the scale, in the grand scheme of things. Hell, even in terms of being “too strong for the equipment on hand,” it pales in comparison to stuff like this.



  1. Yay, more deadlifts! On being too strong for the equiptment, that guy is crazy. At some point the “free gym” may not cut it and you will have to pay for one that suits your fancy. Maybe a LA Fitness? lol. Then you can show people HOW to work out vs going to impress people.

    • That’s why I still want to get an official certification, so I can justify the advice I give (and, hopefully, build a client base or something similar as a second source of income).

  2. Well I owe you some brewskis at the very least. Kettle Bells, proper form, different routines and life advice, you have done it all. Newcastle? Heineken? Red Stripe?

    • I’m on the wagon until my abs make an appearance. However, I’ll make you the same deal I made with NN – you can buy my lunch a couple of times. If nothing else, it’ll get you to try eating at Sweet Tomatoes, so you can get addicted to their stuff, too.

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