[WotD] Monday, March 30 (Part II)

After Hours:

– Ab Stuff – 1×5 or 1×15 of most of the moves here
– Wide-Grip Pull-Ups (GVT) – 10/10/10/10/10/10/8/6/6/8 (88 of 100) (CTG managed 13 (7/3/1/1/1, but felt a pull in his left trapezius, so he moved to stretching)
– Dips – 4×10
– Bicep 7’s (7 reps of the top 3rd of the ROM, 7 from midway, and 7 full ROM) – 1 @ 43#, 1 @ 48#


  1. Damn pull ups messed me up somehow. =/ Heating pad should help me out by morning.

    • Muscle spasms are nobody’s friend. Heat, light stretching, a massage if you can score one, and NSAIDs are the order of the day.

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