[WotD] Wednesday, April 1

Today was the fourth “V-Burn Challenge” workout of the VD regimen, so we can see what sort of progress has been made in the past week.

“V-Burn Challenge” #4
Velocity Diet Workout #16
6 sets of 10 reps, done for time

– Jump Squat
– Hand Walkout (from feet — previous weeks, I’d done this from my knees)
– Single-Leg Deadlift (arms out to sides, idle leg back; 10 per leg per set)
– Push-Up w/ Clap
– Jumping Jacks
– Reverse Lunge w/ Twist (towards forward leg)
– Pike Push-Up
– Squat Thrust

Today’s time was 18:55, an improvement of 2:17 over the 21:12 of two weeks ago (pre-vacation). I’m more than a little pleased with today’s performance. I’m fucking thrilled.



  1. Wow, that is pretty big improvement! Grats!

    What exactly is a Hand Walkout? and a Pike Push-up?

    • Taking those in reverse order:

      – Pike Push-Up is similar to the regular kind, but you’re bent about 90 degrees at the waist, so the arm move is more like an overhead/military press than a bench press, bringing your face/forehead to the floor; this gives more engagement of the delts than the pectorals

      – Walkout (from feet) is, essentially, from the same position, walking your hands away from your feet as far as you can without falling on your face, and then walking them back in. From the knees, this is obviously a bit easier, for the same reason pushups done that way are. This works the lats and the core to keep you stabilized, and sucks a lot. Even with gloves on, I’ve gotten burn blisters from the really aggressively rough carpet in my usual gym when my hands to more sliding than walking.

      • Brutal. Thanks for the information. :)

        • No problem. The Pike pushups are actually not to bad. The walkouts, on the other hand do tend to suck until you get the hang of them (the Ab Wheel thing, which you grab the axle and then roll out and back, is a similar motion, and is possibly more evil; I don’t have one to play with, so this is a guess).

  2. w00t! A vacation helps sometimes, doesn’t it? The trap is about 90%, so I will be there for today’s fun. What is the “target time” you want to be down to?

    • I don’t have a target in mind, just consistent improvement. I wish I could cut four minutes off my 5k this quickly.

  3. […] April 1 — 18:55 (-2:17, -6:50) […]

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