[WotD] Monday, April 6

Velocity Diet Workout #18
Total Reps per move = 50
Load = “Light” (14-16 RM)
45 sec rest between sets

– Dumbbell Upright Row w/ external rotation – 2×40# DB – 17/13/10/10
– Pushups – Bodyweight (160#) – 30/20 – Not sure how to weight these without a vest; balancing a DB or Kettlebell on my back, maybe, but trying to use the weight belt was unproductive and awkward
– Reverse Lunge – 2×36# Kettlebell – 17/17/16
Wood Chop – 25/15/15 – Did the first 25 with 25#, which was far too light, switched to 50# for the two subsequent sets of 15

Also wanted to see if I could do more weighted pullups @ 65# fresh than I did at the end of Friday‘s session.

The answer is, “No.” Still 3x.


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