Followup: Diet Programs for Dummies

On my LJ, a buddy of mine made the following observation on the previous item:

The problem is is that rarely do you see “Eat Less and Exercise More” emphasized equally. Weight Watchers (et al) is all about what you eat and how much, nothing about exercising. … Everything I’ve ever seen or read has always been about one or the other (mainly the diet side), never both.

He is, in my opinion, pretty much spot on about this.

I’m not on WW, but from speaking with several folks who are (or have been), there are provisions in the program to accommodate and encourage exercise; it’s the flexibility of that particular program that says, “We know you sit on your ass all day; if you do, you get to eat X amount of food. However, if you go for a walk or play tennis or do yardwork, you can eat X+Y.” That basic structure, to me, makes a lot of sense.

The hardcore programs for fat loss and muscle development, at least the ones I’m liable to come into contact with (like the Velocity Diet) are of the “WE ARE NOT FUCKING AROUND. IF YOU WANT RESULTS, DO EVERY FUCKING THING WE TELL YOU TO FOR ____ WEEKS, PERIOD. THIS INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU EAT, AND EVERY WORKOUT YOU ENGAGE IN. YOU’RE IN THE ARMY NOW, SHITBAG.”

Some folks need that, but whether or not they’re disciplined enough to adhere to the program isn’t something the authors have any control over.

ANY health program only works as well as the person doing it sticks with it.


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