[WotD] Wednesday, April 8 (Part I)

Velocity Diet Workout #19
Total Reps per move = 40
Load = “Intermediate” (8-9 RM)
45 sec rest between sets

– Sumo Deadlift[1] – 265# – 8/8/6/8/10
– Push Press – 2×36# Kettlebell – 15/15/10 – Obviously not enough weight, but this falls into the category of “stuff about which I am not going to give a shit today”
– Pull-Ups (neutral grip) – 36# kettlebell on weight belt – 8/6/5/5/7/5/3/1
– Hand Walkout – Not done (see note on Push Press)

Having a bad attitude going into a workout obviously has visible performance effects. Usually, I can work off frustration in the gym, but being too busy and stressed out to have my breakfast protein shake further hampered things.

This evening, there’s potentially softball to be played. Otherwise, either some hoops, or a combination of some Crossfit or T-Nat nastiness is liable to be self-inflicted.

[1] This was seriously hampered by equipment; to get a wide enough stance, ROM wasn’t deep enough; to get full depth, stance had to be adjusted inward to the width of the step. And smacking oneself in the knees and/or sensitive bits with the kettlebells hung off the bar to make weight doesn’t have a lot to recommend it, either.

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