[WotD] Friday, April 10 – V-Burn Challenge Plus

Today was the fifth “V-Burn Challenge” workout of the VD regimen, so we can see what sort of progress has been made in the past week. One more week of the program to go. Woot.

“V-Burn Challenge” #5
Velocity Diet Workout #20
6 sets of 10 reps, done for time

– Jump Squat
– Hand Walkout (from feet)
– Single-Leg Deadlift (arms out to sides, idle leg back; 10 per leg per set)
– Push-Up w/ Clap
– Jumping Jacks
– Reverse Lunge w/ Twist (towards forward leg; 10 per leg per set)
– Pike Push-Up
– Squat Thrust

Today’s time was 17:28, an improvement of 1:27 over the 18:55 of last week.

I’m glad I didn’t try this yesterday, feeling as crappy as I did both physically and mentally. I wasn’t uber-focused going in this time, either, but wanted to put the hammer down, and certainly did so.

Followed it up with 7 minutes on the elliptical, 1×8 Chin-Ups w/ the 54# Kettlebell, and joined a different coworker for a collection of pushups (he is also doing the 100 Pushup Challenge), so that was sets of 10/12/9/9 (I did mine with my hands together to focus on the triceps), and then one set of “max reps, minimum of 13” – I did 50, standard hand position.

Then I played Unofficial Personal Trainer to a couple of folks using the lat pulldown and the leg press machines, as well as stuff to work the love handles (side pikes and dumbbell side bends) to help show them ROM, some basic set philosophies, and like that.


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