TGIF – Hooray, Beer!

Hooray, Beer!

Sure, it’s not the most delicious beer in the world, but it does have the best slogan. (I am apparently not alone in thinking so, as evidenced here.)

I mention this because, frankly, I miss beer. Twenty-some pounds ago, when I was just starting to get my shit together, it seemed like the most logical source of junk calories to excise, since I was already going to the gym fairly regularly and eating decently. Giving it up would probably also do my liver some good, and help bring my triglycerides down to a happier level. Also in the realm of liver care, I occasionally take Milk Thistle Seed or Devil’s Claw; I get my herbal stuff from, and have nothing but good things to say about their products, customer service, and pricing.

And, yes, I have previously taken some of the pills referenced in the above billboard (Bio-Test’s Hot Rox Extreme), though they did, in fact, work as advertised. I just get overwarm and twitchy in the presence of too much caffeine, and don’t react well to Yohimbe, so I’ve cycled off of ’em. Coworkers who’ve tried HRE after seeing me take them report good results, so there’s that. Good stuff, just not for me.



  1. the TV commercials are great too, though I haven’t seen them lately

    • I hadn’t noticed, but I attribute that to, “I seldom watch TV anymore.”

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