[WotD] Friday, April 17 (Part I)

Today is the penultimate workout in the Velocity Diet plan; the only one left is the final V-Burn Challenge. When that’s complete, we’ll take a look back at (my modified version of) the program and see how things have gone overall.

Velocity Diet Workout #23
Total Reps per move = 45
Load = “Moderate” (8-9 RM)
45 sec rest between sets

– Deadlift – 285# – 9/9/9/7/7/7 (48 reps) – was supposed to be Sumo Deadlift, but as noted earlier, equipment dictates otherwise.
– Push Press – 2×36# Kettlebell – 15/15/10/10 (50 reps) – Probably a scosh too little weight here, which was made up for with the next move….
– Pull-Ups (Neutral/Parallel Grip) – 36# Kettlebell – 10/5/5/5/6/5/5/5 (46 reps)
– Hand Walk-Out (from toes) – 15/10/10/10

One other change is that I’m now “lifting raw,” without gloves or anything else; on the advice of a strong friend, this should help develop my grip and alleviate the shortcomings some moves have had due to that as it improves. To which I can say: Y HELO DERE CALLOUSES.


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  1. Callouses are points for your man card. lol. Each one makes you more manly.

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