Wrapping Up the Velocity Diet Program

So, today was the big day; after seven weeks (six programmed, one vacation in the middle) of incredibly lax adherence, the final V-Burn Challenge.

“V-Burn Challenge” #6
Velocity Diet Workout #24
6 sets of 10 reps, done for time

– Jump Squat
– Hand Walkout (from feet – adding to the suck factor, I’ve forsaken my workout gloves, so these were done bare-handed)
– Single-Leg Deadlift (arms out to sides, idle leg back; 10 per leg per set)
– Push-Up w/ Clap
– Jumping Jacks
– Reverse Lunge w/ Twist (towards forward leg)
– Pike Push-Up
– Squat Thrust

Today’s time: 16:17

I may have done a very sweaty fist-pump after checking my watch (and before collapsing), thinking, “Hey, I cut seven and a half minutes off my first one!”

In that, I was wrong.

My first attempt at V-Burn Challenge, back on March 3rd, I did in 25:45; somewhere along the line, I’d apparently forgotten this effort, and had been basing my subjective weekly progress estimates on, well, a time I’d never actually done – 23:45. Uh, yeah. No idea where I came up with that particular figure.

How the VBC’s stack up:

  1. March 3 — 25:45
  2. March 10 — 22:22 (-3:23)
  3. March 17 — 21:12 (-1:10, -4:33 overall)
  4. April 1 — 18:55 (-2:17, -6:50)
  5. April 10 — 17:28 (-1:27, -8:17)
  6. April 21 — 16:17 (-1:11, -9:28)

I’m very pleased with those results.  However, improved performance is only half of what the Velocity Diet is designed to deliver; the other half is dramatic weight loss in the form of improved body composition.  To this end, my extremely lax adherence to their diet and workout protocols (as I hit both the gym and the table far more often than the plan proscribes) meant that I’ve lost approximately no weight at all, remaining in the same 160-165# range throughout.  Body composition did trend leaner – from an average of 14-15% bodyfat during the first week to something closer to 12% at the end.

Someone who adheres faithfully to the program and who has some weight to lose (NB: when I began it, the Javascript widget on T-Nat’s site said I was too light to use the diet at all) will, I’m sure, do just that; however, since that wasn’t my objective going in, I certainly can’t criticize it, or myself, in that respect.

Now, of course, I’m left to cast about for my next workout regimen and arbitrary goal; my next obvious landmark isn’t until late July (my birthday), and, looking further ahead, Dragon*Con (Labor Day weekend) and the Goth Cruise (the last week of September).



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  4. Hmmm, there needs to be closer inspection of your body in order to truly decide on this regimen. Some nude before and afters may do the trick.

    • In the interests of modesty, and to maintain the PG-13 rating of this page, I’m afraid that’s not going to happening. *laugh*

  5. Very good

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