Finding Time

All six of you who read this with any regularity have probably noticed the general lack of weekend updatery. It’s not that I don’t have computer access on days beginning with S, it’s that I’m generally a worthless sack of shit, and the most strenuous thing I do is mow the lawn or take out the garbage or yell at the television.

Yeah, that’s a real productive way to reach some fitness goals. Er, no.

So, as I averred to in my column on ShrinkGeek this morning, I made a deal with myself yesterday while doing some questing in World of Warcraft — every time I hopped a flapping conveyance between flight points, I’d do at least a dozen chin-ups or thirty pushups. In a couple hours’ worth of shenanigans, that really adds up — in small, manageable, and completely modest chunks, to quite a few reps.

Off the top of my head, in about three or four hours’ worth of gaming, I’d say I probably got about 150 chinups (the door-mounted bar in my office is a bit narrow to do pull-ups, but I tried to squeeze in some, along with isometrics & static holds & 45-60 second negatives) and 200 pushups (with my feet braced on top of my 65cm pilates ball, which is also my office chair).


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