Precursor to Coworker Challenge II

I am rather amused by my Yahoo! Horoscope for today, having just checked it:

You’ll start out today with lots of energy — so much so that you might leap out of bed prepared for anything. Plenty of emotions, ideas, and hopes are swimming around in your head right now, and they are giving you a blast of physical endurance and energy that will carry you through the entire day. There is no question that you will have the ability to tackle all tasks with the efficiency of a supercomputer. This is a great day for any physical competition.

My coworkers are so hosed.

In related news, lunchtime was spent stretching, since I’ve been tight as hell in the Teres Major & Minor the last couple of days, but did manage to do a one-handed pull-up with each arm (holding onto the working hand with the free one).

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