[WotD] Tuesday May 5 – Coworker Challenge II

So, it’s Cinco de Mayo, which means… somebody needs to chug a fifth of Hellman’s, or something (I kid, I kid; I just don’t know much about the Battle of Pueblo other than it was fought today).

More germane to the folks apt to be reading this is the fact that it’s the first Tuesday of the month, which means that an elite corps a bunch of my co-workers and I engage in modest amounts of testosterone poisoning to see how much our gym time has paid off since the previous session.  Max reps for pull-ups and pushups, two minutes for situps and squats.

We had a few new faces join us this time around, and a couple more guys who couldn’t make it to today’s event will be putting in their reps come lunchtime Thursday, so I’ll be updating this again when that happens.

Now, on to the chart.

5/5/09 Pull-Ups Situps Pushups Squats Bodyweight Total Reps Total Volume
Rafe 23 89 71 57/115 164.0 240/298 48,872
Easy E 20 50 61 45/63 163.0 176/194 31,622
Pablo 8 56 55 56/91 197.5 175/210 41,475
Mr. W 5 60 53 41/64 195.0 159/182 35,490
CTG 8 41 30 33/50 176.0 112/129 22,704
Big Dog 0 25 20 25/40 306.0 70/85 26,010
Wolfman 13 61 70 65/130 181.0 209/274 49,594
C (no T) G 7 38 40 46/66 157.0 131/151 23,707
Hitman 9 57 52 79 203.0 197 39,991
Rafe (Th) 21 90 65 111 162.0 287 46,494

Good stuff today, and only two individual events had any loss of ground (my & Mr. W’s pull-ups); otherwise, everyone maintained, or improved by margins from a single rep to 66%.

A note about the squats – last month, we only did a one-minute set, and this time, we did a two-minute one, so that’s why the split is there.

My incredibly crappy camera-phone footage of some of the proceedings.



  1. Still had an overall gain with very limited gym time in between. Time to kick it up b/c I know someone will not let Wolfman hold the crown of overall volume…I refuse to be at the bottom next time. Mark my words…

  2. […] part in a self-assessment of a handful of simple exercises has grown from just me, to five guys, to nine. Next month, there are liable to be a dozen or […]

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