[WotD] Friday, May 8 – “Maneater”

I don’t know where this particular bag of hell got it’s name; the Crossfit workout of the same name is far, far different, so I’m going to blame the person who told me about it for coming up with the title. However, in keeping with my general modus operandi, they did it first, so I felt compelled to try it.

What better way to wrap up the week than by kicking my own ass?

After Hours:

21 then 15 then 9 reps of the following combinations of moves (ie: 21 of A, then 21 of B, 15 A, 15 B, 9 A, 9 B). Done for time.

Group A: Pushup + Pull-Up + Hanging leg lift
Group B: Man-Maker (Pushup + One-armed dumbbell row with each arm) + Clean & Press (35#)

Segment splits: A1: 4:10, B1: 9:55, A2: 13:22, B2: 17:50, A3: 20:15, B3: 23:05
Overall Total: 23:05

Ten minutes’ much-needed recovery

30 minutes on the elliptical, 4 minute intervals low/moderate resistance, total of just over 4100 “steps”


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