Mugshot - May 2009Well, five days off didn’t do a hell of a lot of good for the lingering tightness and sticking points in my Teres Major & Minor. My next trick will be to use moves that mimic the motion that hurts, with high reps and light weight, to see if just doing it easily will work out the kinks.


The vacation itself was lovely — weather was fan-fucking-tastic — and seeing friends we don’t see often enough was really nice.

Didn’t go too overboard while on vacation, though I’ve apparently lost the ability to eat chicken fingers without side-effects. Jetlag is still a bite in the ass, in both directions.


– Weighted Pull-Ups – 54# – 1×6
– Unweighted Pull-Ups – 1×2 (slow negative)
– Deadlifts (Sumo Grip) – 215# – 3×5
– Lat Pulldowns – 100# 1×12
– Treadmill – 18 minutes @ 3.6mph (approx 100 calories)
– Pushups – 1×35

Yeah, another day of just not feeling it. I could blame a whole slew of things excuse-shaped, but mostly, I’m just annoyed with myself for being lame.

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  1. Have you considered yoga for the tightness issues? I have having hell in fight class until I started doing yoga on off days.

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