[WotD] Tuesday, May 19 (Part II)

After Hours:

– Bench Press – 150# @ 1×6 – 140# @ 1×10 – 130# @ 30 sec isometric hold
– Inclined Situps – 1×25 
– Lat Pulldowns – 60# – 1×15
– Scapular Contractions (using Lat bar) – 60# – 1×12 (adduction) / 1×12 (downward)
– Straight-Legged Deadlift – 160# – 5×10
– Dumbbell Bench Press – 2×65# – 1×10, 30 sec isometric hold (second set)
– Delt Triad – 2×20# – 2×10 (20# is PR)
– 1 Handed Snatch – 65# – 2×5 (each arm)
– Dips – 1×15
– Pull-Ups – 1×10

The PR on the Delt Triad was nice to see, as was the fact that, if I didn’t dick around with them, I could knock out Pull-Ups without much issue leads me to believe that it’s not an injury that’s causing the discomfort, but merely adhesions on the muscle(s) that stretching, massage, and mild abuse will cure.

The scapular contractions (pulling my shoulders together, and then straight downward) seemed to get things moving around the right way in my shoulder joints, which was good to learn.  I’ll obviously keep doing them.

As far as objectives go, some napkin math suggests that I need to turn about 10# of adipose tissue into either heat & motion or muscle to reach my goal of mid-single-digit body fat. This will end up coming about through a combination of eating a bit more carefully (and, frankly, eating a bit more – recent changes to my better living through chemistry have really blunted my appetite) — probably with a resumption of the Velocity Diet in a couple of weeks — and being more disciplined in terms of my routine, if I can figure out a strength-and-hypertrophy regimen that works for me.


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