[WotD] Friday, May 22 (Part II)

After Hours:

– Pull-Ups – 3×10
– 100 Pushup Challenge – Week 6, Column 3, Day 3 – 26/26/33/33/26/26/22/22/60+ (70) – 284 total

I’ve decided to do the Intermediate level of theVelocity Diet 3.0 program again, beginning Monday, June 1st. I may or may not continue doing additional physical shenanigans (in all likelihood, off-days from the program will involve 1 hand snatches, kettlebell work, chinups, pushups, and probably some deadlifts). I’m going to aim for much higher compliance with the nutritional as well as physical regimen this time around, since my own efforts seem stalled here in the 12-14% body fat range, and I want to break out of the current rut in advance of things that will be happening in August & September.

I want abs for my birthday. :-)


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