[WotD] Monday, June 1

Velocity Diet, Workout #1
Reps: 20
Rest: 30 sec
Weight: “Heavy” (4-5 RM)

– Back Squat* – 235# – 10/10
– Chin-Up (underhand grip) – BW + 65# – 7 / BW + 90# – 4/3 / BW + 72# – 4/3/3/3**
– Dumbbell Bench Press – 2×65# – 6/7/7***
– Hand Walkout (from feet) – 10/10

– 1 Hand Snatch – 65# – 1×5 (each arm)

* This was the kludgiest hack I think I’ve ever done; wrapped a yoga pad around the bar, hung a 36# kettlebell on each end of the bar, had the full weight of the cable apparatus hooked up, and CTG lowered the cable connect points until I could get some decent (but not anywhere close to enough) depth. This is, and has been, the biggest sticking point for me. In the absence of having sufficient equipment, I’m making due with what’s available until other options.
** Also known as “trying to find the right weight for this move.”
*** The 65’s are the biggest DB’s I’ve got; any heavier bench work has to be done with the bar/cables, and I have the sneaking suspicion that 160# isn’t going to be sufficient for long, so there will be KBs hung off the bar for my bench work.

Is it any wonder I’m searching for “precor” and “weight rack” and the like on Craigslist?


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