Courtesy of Craigslist, I know have a Powertec bench press bench and rack installed, along with a weight rack, a lat pulldown system, leg extension and curl attachment, and chest support attachment, along with a pair of dumbbells, an Olympic-style EZ Bar, and, finally, an honest-to-ghod Olympic weight bar. I think there’s something in the neighborhood of 650# worth of plates. My napkin math put the plates plus bars somewhere in the vicinity of 725-750, so with the inclusion of the racks, I figure it’s about a thousand pounds’ worth of stuff, and my car and low back probably hate me for it. So, yeah, that was definitely today’s workout.

If the guys at Gym Jones can claim that moving their weights from one facility to another is their WotD, so can I. *grin*

I also have a relatively clean garage for the first time in nearly five years. Heh.

Fortunately, being non-tall, if I set the bench rack to its highest peg, it just about doubles as a squat rack, so I can finally think about doing those the right way, which was, fundamentally, the point of this whole endeavor.

And, in entertaining statistical news, immediately after setting everything up (courtesy of dehydration), I was under 155# for the first time in I have no idea how long.


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