[WotD] Monday, June 8

Velocity Diet, Workout #5 (astute readers will notice that VD#4 hasn’t happened yet)
Reps: 20
Rest: 20 sec
Load: “Heavy” (4-5RM)

– Front Squat (Substitution: Machine Squat) – 240×5, 320×5, 360×10, 400×10, 380×10
– Chin-Up (Underhand grip) – 90# (54# & 36# Kettlebells) – 5/2/3/2/2/2/2/2
– Dumbbell Bench Press – 2×65# – 2×10
– Hand Walkout from Feet – 2×10

So, rather than short-change my squats, I decided to just push more weight on the squat machine. Unfortunately, no matter what I did, that second set at 400# wasn’t budging, dammit. May see how these feel with the bar at the house now that that’s an option, though front squats are way down my list of preferred moves (weak wrists + extended rack time + heavy weight = unhappy, though I may see if I can figure out how to do the crossed-arms “bodybuilder” grip properly).

As for the “missing” workout #4, that is the “V-Burn Challenge” that’s nominally supposed to happen over the weekend. Given yesterday’s surrogate workout, I’ll slot it for Tuesday and see how it stacks up against the stuff from my last go-round.

Also, for anyone interested in a more nuanced, noob-friendly recap of how the program is going this time around, it’s going up at the geek fitness blog a little later this afternoon.


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  1. […] but also a bit of backsliding since I finished it (a hair under 17).  I was definitely feeling Monday’s workout in my legs (all those heavy squats made the jumps and squat-thrusts suck).  In any case, that’s […]

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