Hello, Fellow Gamers

Your host, enjoying some frosty, cold ones.

For those of you who, whether it’s due to morbid curiosity or honest interest, have wandered over to this particular corner of the ‘tubes due to my 15 Minutes of Fame appearance on WoW.com, and subsequently checked out ShrinkGeek, hi there. You’ve no doubt noticed that this place, relative to SG, is a whole hell of a lot more more Icecrown than Dalaran, so to speak. That’s because this is where I detail the various ways I kick my own ass. Whether that seems like masochism or motivation is in the eye of the beholder, but this is not the shiny, happy, supportive, chipper face I tend to present over at SG.

This is, in short, a whole lot of the same attitude I brought when I was the bull-moose healer on raids; in short, “Fuck you; you’re going to live. Now quit bitching and kick ass.”

Eye candy, such as it is, is in the Progress and Vanity tab. The Basics presents the underlying argument for my motivation to do this stuff.  Maybe you’ll find it interesting or insightful.


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