[WotD] Monday, June 15

So, after a glorious weekend of slack, and one of the worst nights’ sleep in recent memory (for no good reason, really), I was in a fantastic mood, but pretty low on energy and dealing with heartburn.

On the upside, I did pick up a 12# medicine ball and an actual ab rollout wheel at lunchtime.


Oh, this isn’t going to end well….

Velocity Diet, Workout 9
Reps: 20
Rest: 20 sec (yeah, that didn’t happen; mine were more in the 45-60 second range, if not longer)
Load: Heavy (4-5 RM)

– Squat (supposed to be front, did back instead*) – 135# x10, 185# x10
– Chin-up (underhand grip) 90# (54# & 36# kettlebell) – 4/4/5/2/1/2/2
– Dumbbell Bench Press – 2×65# – 4×10**
– Ab wheel roll-out – 2×20

– Medicine Ball Catch with CTG (well, the intention was to throw and catch; for total rookies, it didn’t go to badly)
– – 10x Overhead “Soccer Style”
– – 10x Twist-and-Push (each side)

There’s something to be said for trying to drill a guy with twelve pounds of angry rubber sphere from about ten or fifteen feet away. It’s kind of fun.

* So, the weight bench at the house does, in fact, adjust up high enough to very nearly approximate a squat rack; it does take a bit of wrangling to get the bench folded up and slid down far enough to not, you know, smack my ass on the brace when I get close to enough depth, but it’s still a bit of a hack. I should probably take some time to work on my front squat technique with just the naked Olympic bar. I did five with that cross-arm “bodybuilder” stance, but it felt weird, and I was straddling the rack support backwards to the way I ended up doing the squats.

Yes, this falls under the heading “you don’t do what you suck at, which means you need to do them more.”

** Equipment limitation; I’ll have to see what sort of load I can push with the plate dumbbells at the house, but between the tiredness and the heartburn, today was not the day to go nuts without a spotter.


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