[WotD] Tuesday, June 16

Velocity Diet Workout #8
V-Burn Challenge #2
6 sets of 10, done for time

– Squat Jump
– Hand Walkout (from feet)
– Single Leg Deadlift (each leg)
– Pushup w/ Clap
– Jumping Jacks
– Reverse Lungs with Twist (towards forward leg)
– Pike Pushup
– Squat Thrust

21:25, which is :25 slower than last week. I just plain ran out of gas (getting blisters on the heels of both hands during the walkouts didn’t help any).

In short: BAH.

Afterwards, I did 2×10 wide-grip Pull-ups, one set of tricep pushdowns @ 60#, and 3×5 dips.



  1. In all fairness to you, sir, attempting to workout while the guys near you were tossing around a medicine ball was probably not helping. Methinks the boys might need to have an “outside toy” conversation. There is far too much testosterone going around for that to have been safe.

  2. When it got to be three of them, and I was recovering on the floor, I did mention that they might want to take it outside. Yes, it’s hot outside, but, you know what? JP and I fucked around with it on the back lawn yesterday, in the shade, and it wasn’t impossibly oppressive.

    I’ve asked DM if it’s possible to put up a PUT YOUR FUCKING TOYS AWAY sign, albeit more work-appropriate. I’m tempted to just print a “Please return equipment after use” and tape a few of ’em up to see if anyone gets the goddamned hint. That place was in order when I finished stretching at lunch, and there were… Two? Three? sets of weights strewn around when we came in three-plus hours later.

  3. I concur with the signage idea, the leaving the weights out all over place is old already. A little common courtesy for your fellow workout buddies would be nice. That said, the “fun ball” will have to be an outside thing, it’s too small in the gym to use it effectively.

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