An Untweeted Tweet

I was a soft sack of shit, just like I know most of you are. I got off my ass. Get off yours. I’m not waiting around. See you at the gym.

– How I summarized my general attitude @ ShrinkGeek

A Buddy, via IM: It’s kind of funny the huge differences in styles of you guys. Michael is very politically correct, “This doesn’t work for all people, but it has worked for me.” And, you’re more like, “Why the fuck haven’t you guys figured this out already?  It’s not rocket science.” Very entertaining mix.

Me: I have to be nice all fucking day at work.  And i’m still a hell of a lot nicer at SG than I am on either of my personal blogs [that would be here, and my LJ].

Him: You’re not rude. Well . . yes you are, but in a funny way

Me: Mike’s the good cop. I’m the bad cop.

Him: Nah. You’re humorously arrogant, and to the point.  You don’t come across as an ass or anything. You have no tolerance for lack of clue, when there is so much clue everywhere.

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  1. If anyone knew how much I hold back all the time everywhere, there would be a lot more scared people out there.

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