[WotD] Friday, June 19

Well, there was also a precursor workout, since I did 40 minutes on the treadmill, in 2 minute increasing incline / 2 minute flat increments. Woke up this morning with ridiculously tight hip flexors.  Bah.  Fucking hamster wheel.

Anyway… Lunchtime today:

Velocity Diet Workout #11
Reps: 40
Rest: 35 sec
Weight: “Intermediate” (8-9 RM)

– Decline Dumbbell Bench Press – 2×65# – 10/10/8/6/6
– Pull-Up (parallel grip) – 54# kettlebell – 8/5/3 – 36# KB – 5/6/6/5 (yep, doing this at lunch, with only the morning’s shake in me, there’s not enough in the tank)
– Ab Wheel – 3×15

I also did some pushups on the medicine ball and some shoulder stretching/mobility holds with it, mostly while inverted on the decline bench. Was really feeling stuff move around in my left shoulder (hopefully in a good way) when I was doing the DB benches.

Once I got home and got the stereo hooked up, it was time to see how real deadlifts with the Olympic bar felt with a challenging amount of weight. Speaking of challenging, it’s ninety-five fucking degrees in my garage, and a box fan can only do so much.

– Deadlift – 275# – 4×6 – 225# – 2×8

The answer is, a bit harder than that hack with the cables and KB’s. I suspect it’s a combination of it actually being more weight than the “285” the cable setup ostensibly was (150+10+36+36+54) , combined with having to lift truly vertical, rather than cheating against the cable’s lateral pull. I think I need to get my ass down lower to engage my legs more and take some of the load off my back — I know they’re much stronger, it’s just a matter of finding my groove and making sure my hips get all the way down where they’re supposed to. I’ll try and get video so someone more advanced can provide a critique and some pointers.

Also: Grip?  What grip? Practically had the Lynx Grips slip out of my hands. I gotta get my paws on some chalk, there’s no question.  I sweat like a motherfucker in the air-conditioned facility at work; I look like Statham’s fucking stunt double in the prison scene in Death Race after five minutes out back.


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