[WotD] Thursday, June 25

Today was “Let’s do Girya Girl’s crazy shit” day. Yes, I’m linking to you to get you motivated to update your damn page, woman. *grin*

– GG’s Kettlebell Clean & Press Loop (yeah, she probably tweaked something Pavel came up with… we’re freaks like that) – 54# – 6 sets (each set is 1 rep each side, then two reps, then three reps, and then a 60 second break)

After Hours:
– T-Nat’s “Gymnast’s Extended Set

Set 1: 15/5/5/2
Set 2: 10/5/2/1
Set 3: 9/5/3/1



  1. […] had to be broken up into split sessions due to equipment reasons.  I also added some non-program workout days. Pushed some weights a bit more, and think there’s actual visual progress being […]

  2. Hey – I was just taking a brief break from working on the site – as in I was tweaking the menus 5 minutes ago. Thanks for the link – I’m sure we’ll have many link exchanges in the future! You should see the sick graphics which will eventually be on there – soooooo 90s x-treme!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha!

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